Maintenance - Job Description

Job Description

Employee is expected to and is not limited to assist and perform a range of laborer assignments in accordance of instruction, guidelines and limited judgement.  Employees in this job perform a variety of tasks requiring the use of hand and power tools and motorized equipment in order to assist in the maintenance of the center.

Some jobs require an employee to be exposed to inclement weather conditions.

Job Duties

The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by positions in this job classification.  Not all duties assigned to every position are included, nor is it expected that all positions will be assigned every duty.

Assists in the performance of minor building maintenance jobs using manual and power hand tools.

Assists in the cleaning, repairing or replacing, and painting or refinishing of the building, tenant spaces and tenant build outs.

Assist in repairs of doors, hardware and framing.

Assist in carpet, ceramic tile, floor leveling.

Assist in drywall finishing.

Assist in demo walls, floors, etc.

Assist in installation of ceiling tile grid.

Assist in installing cabinetry.

Assists in changing out bulbs and ballasts.

Assist in the roof maintenance and HVAC systems.

Operates tractors or power mowers.

Shovels snow from sidewalks, roadways, and parking lot by hand or using snow blowers or snow plow.

Assists in deicing.

Lays out, tills, plants, sprays, weeds, and prunes flowerbeds and gardens.

Cleans grounds, walks, parking lots, and such facilities as garages, storerooms, and restrooms.

Hauls and removes garbage, removes concrete, asphalt, dirt, brush, and clippings.

Loads, unloads, and moves supplies, materials, equipment, or furniture.

Cuts weeds and brush along highways and cleans debris from ditched and drains.

Assists in the repair of cracks, joints, seams, and potholes in roadways and parking lots and applies sealant.

Applies fertilizer and weed killer, prepares areas and sows grass seed, and mows grass.

Assists in the performance of minor repairs and routine maintenance of equipment and mechanics.

Assists in scheduling and maintenance inspections on fire arms and sprinkler systems.

Assists in Property Risk Control, OSHA, Property Safety and Loss Prevention.

Performs related work as assigned.